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In which countries do people gamble the most?

Everyone has undoubtedly had the dream of winning big at some point. It is becoming a millionaire within a few minutes that appeals the most. It is precisely this thought that has ensured that the gambling industry has been booming for many years.

However, it is no longer necessary to go to a conventional casino. If you are interested in gambling and would like to try your luck from the comfort of your own home, you are in good hands in an online casino.

In which countries is online gambling most popular?

Europe is a sought-after market for online casino operators. Especially in Germany, more and more people are deciding to use an online casino. However, Austria, Italy, France, Poland, and Spain also gamble a lot. Finding exact figures is an arduous task.

However, what is certain is that Europe, in particular, is a famous and large market. Not to be forgotten, however, is Great Britain, where many players challenge their luck in an online casino every day.

Gambling in the USA

Hard to believe but trustworthy, online casinos in the United States of America are limited. Here some stringent guidelines and laws have to be observed. For this reason, the operators of online casinos naturally choose countries where there are no very strict guidelines and regulations.

China is also a difficult place. There are enormous differences from country to country.

Africa on the Advance

The current statistics will undoubtedly come as a surprise. In Africa, gambling in an online casino is enjoying increasing demand. Here, too, somewhat relaxed laws apply, and thus more, and more Africans are trying to win big in an online casino.

Worldwide, there are, of course, some countries where the market is booming. Australia can be classified as relatively cool and reserved in this area.

In the Middle East, gambling is wholly forbidden, and thus gambling and online casinos are looked for in vain in the Middle East.

So, where do people gamble most often?

As already mentioned at the beginning, Europe is the leading market for online casinos. Germany, France, Italy, and also Great Britain are the first places to be mentioned here. Determining the exact figures is not an easy task. Considering the size and the number of inhabitants, the top positions are shared by Great Britain and Germany. In Russia itself, gambling is also prevalent.

Legal gambling in Europe

If you live in Europe and want to place a bet, you have an easy game. Most countries have legalized gambling on the internet. These include Great Britain, Germany, Spain, among others.

They are joined by countries such as Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Finland, the Netherlands, and Austria. In Europe, it should therefore not be difficult to place a bet in an online casino. Sports betting is also very popular, and most of it is nowadays placed online.

Why is gambling so popular in Australia?

This is a question that is not very easy to answer either. However, one of the reasons might be that there is a large selection of online casinos in Australia. In addition, many Australians also gamble almost daily, and in the United Kingdom too, gambling in an online casino is part of the daily routine for very many.

Current rankings:

United Kingdom

These countries are without doubt the most frequent online casino gamblers. New workers for gambling are added in these countries at regular intervals. You can open an account in a few minutes, and anyone who feels like it can try their luck in the online casinos around the clock.

In most cases, of course, the casino itself wins. However, big winnings are also made. Whether in Germany, Italy, or Austria, online casinos pay very high winnings daily.

Unfortunately, no details are known about the exact sums. The market in Europe continues to grow, and there is no end in sight.

Future markets

One country that has not yet been mentioned is Romania. The Romanians also like to gamble. Gambling is also a big topic in the Czech Republic. Anyone who has read through this report can confirm that Europe is a significant market for online casinos.

Other countries will follow. As already mentioned, there were surprises in the current statistics and evaluations in Africa. No expert expected such a result.

In Australia, gambling on the internet is allowed, but the demand is limited in direct comparison to other countries in the world. However, it is vital to have a valid license. Of course, this circumstance must also be guaranteed in all other countries of the world.

Primarily online, there are always some black sheep. Those who are not well versed in this area should therefore always look for a valid gambling license.


In summary, all that can be said now is that Europe is probably the country where most people gamble in an online casino. Here, Great Britain and Germany are the absolute frontrunners.

But also in France and Spain, more and more men and women are trying their luck in an online casino. Greece, Italy, and Romania follow them. More and more Dutch people are also looking for big and fast money in an online casino.

The number of players in Europe is increasing yearly, and it can be assumed that a new record will also be set in the coming year.